what are you going to do?

For the Electronics department of Egripment HQ in Nederhorst den Berg (near Amsterdam) in the Netherlands we are looking for an Electronic Engineer. As an Electronic Engineer you play a crucial role in Egripment's projects, investigations and order processing. Egripment is engaged in developing, manufacturing, renting and selling camera supporting equipment for the TV and film market.

In this position you are responsible for, among other things, drawing up diagrams, PCB, cable diagrams, connection diagrams, instruction manuals and the assembly and adjustment of electronic components and products. Because the work contains both electronic and mechanical parts, an affinity towards mechanics is an advantage.

Part of the work is ad hoc, where an installation must be delivered on location at home and abroad, but there are also projects in which you will be working on various facets of the profession for a longer period of time. Because your work involves customization, the above requires a strong dose of creativity, solution-orientates, independence and perseverance.

Finally, you are responsible for the management of the technical resources that you need in your work and you ensure that they are in order, maintained and safe for use.

What do we ask from you?

- You have at least a completed MBO course in Electrical Engineering / Mechanics with possible additional courses in digital technology and software programming and you have at least 3 years of work experience as an electronics engineer.
- You have experience with design programs for the design of printed circuit boards and electronics.
- You have a good dose of creativity, solution-orientation, independence, perseverance and you are a group worker with a broad technical knowledge and interest.
- You know how to approach and can organize your own work well.
- You have a good command of the English language, both spoken and written and Dutch and German is a pre.
- You are willing to take additional courses.
What can you expect from your working environment?

The Electronics department is part of the Production and Development of Egripment. The workplace team consists of a total of 10 colleagues, including 3 direct colleagues in the Electronics department. Egripment BV (HQ) and Egripment GMBH have around 35 employees. In this unit we work on current orders, set up series, projects and development.

What can Egripment offer you?

A full-time job in the Netherlands (near Amsterdam) with a view of permanent employment in a dynamic environment.
If you are coming from abroad we are willing to help you with living space.

Egripment attaches great importance to both your personal and your professional development. There are many possibilities to get started with your development: training, workshops, and job rotation.