Flighthead Mini 3

The Flight Head Mini 3 is a new generation of stabilized camera remote systems which eliminates adverse motion artifacts from pan, roll and tilt.
It is one of the lightest and most compact stabilized heads on the market.

Due to its weight carbon fibre design and stabilization performance you can achieve unusual shooting angles ensuring very stable and smooth images.
It can be used on any type or size of camera crane, dolly, portable handheld booms, cablecam rigs. Wireless capable. Flight Head Mini 3 offers recorded overs, shake generator, horizon shift, limits on all axis, automatic drift compensation, etc.

Specifications Flighthead Mini 3

Height 0.64cm
Width 0.49cm
Length 0.68cm
Payload capacity up to 15kg
Weight 11 kg
Pan axis travels through 360°
Roll axis travels through 270°
Tilt axis travels through 200°