Flighthead V TV

The Flight Head TV unique 3 axis gyro-stabilized system diminishes the problem of shakes, jumps or bumps, ensuring an extremely smooth and stable picture through 300mm  zoom range (film lens). 

Operated with  joystick  the Flight Head TV can be mounted on a wide variety of regular or telescoping camera cranes, dollies, camera cars, quad bikes, cable cam rigs, etc.

• Accepts most of motion picture, still and  HD cameras • Mitchell mount

• Compatible with most camera packages • Sealed for rain, mud, snow,sand, etc.

Specifications Flighthead TV

• Lenght 76cm

• Width 30cm

• Height 80cm

• Pan range 360 ° continuos

• Roll Range +100 °;250 ° Automatic Horizon Level

• Tilt Range +80 °;165 °

• Pan Speed,Roll Speed, Tilt Speed 160 °/sec

• Temperature range from -30 °C up to +40 °С

• Weight 18kg  

• Payload capacity up to 19kg