Egripment adjusted the Flyline Cablecam on several points: (not the basic version anymore) Safety steel line Safety Bracket Rain covers and protection Mounts for different remote head FlyLine is a ‘Point to Point’ cable cam system. It ‘flies’ along a cable stretched between two anchor points. The anchor points can be fixed points like trees or other permanent structures or they can be movable anchors like a forklift, scissor lift, scaffold or similar. The FlyLine CableCam system is is self powered and easy to setup and operate. The system is controlled via RC airplane/helicopter type wireless 2.4ghz controllers. One controller is used by a trolley drive operator and one controller is used by the camera operator for composing the shots. We also have the ability to mount a gyro stabilized head or DJI Ronin to FlyLine. The FlyLine with the DJI Ronin or gyro head is one AMAZING combination! The FlyLine trolley is equipped with Kenyon gyros which stabilize the system from swaying and unwanted movements. The result is an extremely stable camera platform for liquid smooth shots. Specs:

  • Max. speed: 40kph (25mph)
  • Max. cable slope: 19% grade (11 degrees)
  • Operating voltage: 11-16vdc
  • Max amps: 50A
  • Regenerative braking: Yes
  • 5-7km travel distance duration (charged batteries with moderate current draw)

For more info or calculations please feel free te contact us.