Genie Jib

The Genie Jib is a lightweight MiniJib that can be extended by a sliding lock off system. The Genie Jib is equipped with a 100 mm bowl adapter that can be used straight up and upside down. The pan movement of the Genie Jib can be locked off. With a maximum load of 20 Kg in combination with the longest length of the arm you require a maximum counter weight of 35 kg.

Length in shortest version 100 cm
Length in longest version 136,5 cm
Weight 10 kg
Arm reach in shortest version 82,5 cm
Arm reach in longest version 119 cm
Rise and Fall shortest version 112 cm
Rise and Fall longest version 171 cm
Max. load capacity 20 kg
Transport length 115 x 30 x 10 cm