The Goal Cam Jib is a remotely operated camera re-positioning system designed to allow capture of close-up action in sports television, predominately football. This can be used with the Hi-motion Antelope Pico Camera to provide slo-mo replays of goals, saves, near misses and any other interesting action inside and around the goal. This highly developed netcam also provides a live feed for broadcasters which they use often for goal kicks. The system is designed to be compact so as not to block pitchside ad hoarding.

The premise of the system is to allow operation of the pole to swing towards and into the net quickly as each half of the match starts and be able to back out quickly and safely when needed – all done completely remotely from the operating position. Once the camera is in position either behind the net or poking through it, the operator can switch to the remote head controls to follow the ball. The joystick operating position can be set up in the compound or pitchside dependent on production requirements.


  • Two remote heads in one
  • One operator is possible for both heads
  • 1m – 3m length
  • Fully waterproof
  • Ultra smooth pan and tilt
  • Compatible with many makes and model of camera like: Antelope Pico, CIS 4K , CIS HD3, Toshiba IK-HD5, Clarity
  • Vertical ‘Up and Down’ axis option also available
  • Fully remote controlled