The Hot-Shot is a professional remote controlled head especially designed for TV cameras. Fully equipped with 24 channel sliprings in the pan movement, very strong silent motors, limit switches, high quality electronics are all part of Egripment’s modular system for cranes and remote heads. The system has proven to be a very safe and profitable investment for our clients since 1975. All HotShot controls such as zoom, focus, joystick, crank handles or panbar control, fully adjustable speed control, electronic dampening, cabling and accessories are compatible with the HotHead system. Egripment offers a wide variety of controls and accessories for the HotShot.

Height 60 cms 23.6”
Width 35 cms 13.7”
Depth 18 cms 7”
Weight 19 kgs 41.9 lbs
Load Capacity 25 kgs 55.1 lbs
Voltage 24 V DC 24 V DC
Maximum Speed 360º in 2.5 sec 360º in 2.5 sec
Minimum Speed 360º in 17 min 360º in 17 min
Number of Sliprings 24 24