JanJib Systems

The Egripment JanJib system offers a completely new method of building a Jib Arm. As a result of our unique “modular” system, which Egripment engineers developed, the operator can now create a variety of 10 different jib arms. The JanJib System is constructed from aluminium extrusions that clip together quickly and easily. In combination with the high quality bearing system that Egripment uses for many years in all its products, the JanJib assures the smooth movement that camera operators have come to expect from Egripment products. The JanJib includes standard Offset Arms for manual use with a fluid head, or with a remote option that includes a special front section to mount a remote head such as the Scanner Elite head. The JanJib mounts to all Egripment columns with the standard Euro coupling. The JanJib remote is an unique small remote crane which can be built in different heights and lengths up to 3 meters. In combination with the Scanner Elite Head and controls at the back of the JanJib, this single operator crane is an ideal solution for the use of cranes in smaller studios (Talk shows, Presentation studios, etc.) and for use on locations such as Music concerts. The JanJib is easily mountable on all dollies, columns or the electric column.

Mtr Ft
Arm reach 2.20 7’2″
Operational length 3.96 13’0″
Min. platform heigth 3.08 10’1″
Max. platform heigth 0.41 1’4″
Max. load capacity 45 Kg 99 lbs