The Super Javelin MKII is an ultra modern Crane system with a partially “open” design structure that is being extended with a modern tubing section. The Parallel Bars are integrated inside the arm of the Javelin which causes less shadows and makes it easier to get into difficult to reach spots on sets. Super Javelin MKII offers a very stable Remote Crane at Heights up to 40 ft/12,2 Mtrs. The modular systems offers you 8 different sizes and can be configurated to handle weight ranging from 220 Lbs/100 Kgs at 25 ft/7.8 Mtrs to 88 Lbs/40 Kgs at 40 ft/12,2 Mtr. Existing Javelin Cranes can also be easily upgraded to the Super Javelin MKII.The Javelin is mounted on a wide base dolly. The dolly has four wheel steering and can be operated from the front or the back.

Mtr Ft
Arm reach 11.40 38’0″
Operational length 13.80 46’0″
Min. platform heigth 11.00 36’8″
Max. platform heigth -3.50 -11’8″
Max. load capacity 40 Kg 88 lbs