Matador dolly

The Matador Dolly is a lightweight dolly on which a seat swivel support or JanJib can be mounted. A non-slip carpet layer is fixed to the platform. The Matador Dolly can be widened with sideboards which are supplied standard with the Matador Dolly. Its extendable back-axles will guarantee a very high degree of stability. This dolly is steerable from either end. The Matador Dolly accepts trackwheels, pneumatic wheels and hard rubber wheels. By using Platform dolly jacks, the Matador Dolly is easily changed into a solid camera platform.

Platform Size 75 x 90 cms 29.5” x 35.4’’
Minimum Height 22.5 cms 8.9”
Maximum Load 250 kgs 550 lbs
Weight 37 kgs 81 lbs
Boxed Dimension
(l x w x h) 135 x 65 x 18 cms 53.1” x 25.6” x 7”