MiniShot MKII

The MiniShot is a small but extremely strong and reliable remote controlled camera head. Suitable for 3 chip CCD cameras with many different types of Broadcast lenses. Functions such as zoom/focus, video, pan and tilt can be sent to the controls through the sliprings in the head. Therefore the pan motion is completely cable free which gives you unlimited freedom of movement for continuous 360 degree pan rotation. The MiniShot can be delivered with several types of cabling and controls, depending on the camera, purpose of use and situation. The Mini-Shot is an ideal remote head for sport events, pop concerts and on air commentary.

Height 13 cms 5.1”
Width 10 cms 3.9”
Depth 10 cms 3.9”
Weight 3 kgs 6.6 lbs
Load Capacity 5 kgs 11 lbs
Voltage 24 V DC 24 V DC
Maximum Speed 360º in 6 sec 360º in 6 sec
Minimum Speed 360º in 17 min 360º in 17 min
Number of Sliprings 30 30