The MovieBird 52 is an extended version of MovieBird 45 (more than 2 meters) mostly suitable for TV studio as this crane maximum load is up to 40kg.
The MB 52 has the same dolly ‚footprint’ as the smaller Techno 30 / MovieBird 30 crane.
The MovieBird 52 is a relatively versatile telescopic crane suitable for any film set or TV studio.

This  52 feet telescopic camera crane comes with the Fligthead TV gyro stabilized remote head.

Max. Lens Height 39.4ft. 12m
Max. Telecopic Range 41.3ft. 12.6m
Max. Length Crane 59ft. 18m
Min. Length Crane 17.7ft. 5.4m
Max. Speed 6.6ft./sec 2m/sec.
Max. Nose Load 88lbs 40kg
Total Weight Crane incl weights 3750lbs 1700kg
Max Power Requirment 16 amps 16 Amp.