The NEWTON is a versatile, light weight, gyro-stabilized remote head. It allows steady shots from a wide range of cameras and lens control systems whilst in motion on a variety of devices, such as wire-cam systems, cranes, jib arms, dollies and shock absorber equipped vehicles. The multi-function controller provides the precision and control of the remote stabilized head, camera and lens via dual frequency wireless communication, enabling the Joystick and NEWTON to perform well together in a congested wireless environment along with an optional remote control via Ethernet interface. The rugged NEWTON  has tool- and device-free handling, and is dust- and water-protected. It enables quick set-up with an integrated camera quick-release, automated calibration, and hot swapping of batteries.

Joystick ControlJoystick 1

The rugged, water-repellant machined aluminum body features a large, high-resolution and low-friction focus wheel, zoom rocker, start/stop button and additional customizable buttons and switches. All buttons, switches and potentiometers are user-assignable with multiple programmable user profiles that can be stored on an SD card. Dimensions Max camera size: 210 x 260 x 210 mm (HxWxD). Packing size: 390 x 170 x 350 mm (HxWxD).

Weight 6.8kg / 15lbs
Material Machined Aluminum.
Mounting Mitchell mount or cheeseplate mounted over-slung, under-slung or cantilevered.
Max rotation speed 180deg/sec.

Rotation Specification Pan rotation: unlimited. Tilt: +45/-135 degrees. Roll: -45/+45 degrees.