Panther dolly

The Panther Classic’s Main Feartures are: Panthers High-Low Rig , Offset Rig, all Bowl Adapters see downloads. Is as simple as it is robust. The electro-mechanical drive has proved itself over decades. The Classic in its basic model already has much to offer. With its CPU-controlled center column and its pivoting wheel arms, it can be easily adapted to many diverse shot angles.

LENGTH 84cm (33”)
WIDTH min. 53,5cm (21”) max. 82,5cm (32.5”)
TRACK WIDTH schmal: 36cm (14”) breit: 62cm (24.5”)
WHEEL BASE schmal: 75cm (29.5”) breit: 62cm (24.5”)
COLUMN LIFT 100% (68cm / 27”)
MAX. SPEED 3,5 Sek. (0-100%)
COLUMN LIFTING FORCE 250 kg (550 lbs)