Scanner Elite

The Scanner Elite is a follow-up of our most successful Scanner System which Egripment introduced in 1997. The “Elite” is longer, higher and carries a larger payload then the original Scanner system. The “Elite continues with the use of an adjustable length telescopic arm. The Scanner Elite is still a compact package of a camera crane that can be operated using either one person to operate the crane and all camera and head controls located at the rear of the crane arm, or by two persons with a separate crane operator and camera operator who can be located at a distance from the Crane. The Scanner Elite systems offers a wide range of accessories such as, Rotating handgrips, LCD supports, Extra bars on the side, table support etc. The Scanner Elite is offered with our heavy duty Super MaxiDolly that includes built-in track wheels.

Mtr Ft
Arm reach 4.60-6.40 15’21”
Operational length 6.88-8.68 22’7″-28’6″
Min. platform heigth 5.70-7.25 18’9″-23’9″
Max. platform heigth -1.80-3.35 -5’10”- -11’0″
Max. load capacity 35-45 Kg 77-100 lbs