The SkyMote system enables the user to convert the Tulip/VIP crane into a system for the operation of Remote Camera Control unit such as HotHead or HotShot. The SkyMote system offers you four operational scopes , giving a maximum height of 9,60 mtr/31ft 9 ins. The four versions of the SkyMote, Super SkyMote, Super Super SkyMote with or without an extra one meter section, are constructed from lightweight duralumin, and guarantee therefore maintaining, sturdiness, safety and stability with ease of operation and transport.

Mtr Ft
Arm reach 9.40 31’4″
Operational length 11.50 38’4″
Min. platform heigth 9.52 31’9″
Max. platform heigth -5.19 -17’4″
Max. load capacity 25 Kg 55 lbs