Spyder Dolly

The simple 3-Leg Spyder Dolly converts your tripod into a portable tracking dolly. You will notice Egripment’s high reputation of quality and design in this inexpensive tracking dolly. Egripment’s designers used lightweight duralminium parts to keep the weight of the dolly to a minimum. Because you can fold the legs together to a small and lightweight package the Spyder dolly is ideal for travellers. Egripment’s Spyder Dolly is equipped with tripod locks that accept any type of tripod, a euro coupling to mount bazooka set or risers and a carrying pin. The New Spyder Dolly will be delivered with the standard high quality boogie wheels of Egripment. The Spyder Dolly runs straight as well as curved track.

Length 80 cm 31,3”
Width  80 cm 31,3”
Weight 6,4 kg  14 lbs
Load capacity 100 kg  222 lbs