Super Maxi Jib

The Super Maxi-Jib is a lightweight portable camera arm, comprising of several duralumin sections, which creates the ability to build this arm in different lengths from 1,5 meters/5 ft to 4,65meters/14 ft. The stabilizing bars are integrated inside the arm which gives you the ability to position the camera in very narrow spaces. In its longest version the Super Maxi-Jib is very well suited for use with the Egripment HotShot Remote camera head.

Mtr Ft
Arm reach 4.60 15’4″
Operational length 6.70 22’4″
Min. platform heigth 4.65 15’6″
Max. platform heigth -1.08 -3’7″
Max. load capacity 35 Kg 77 lbs