The Super Techno 30 Crane is the allrounder, and fits in between the 15ft. and the larger 50ft. The crane has a manual telescopic columen, for easy adjusting to the demands needed. The SuperTechno 30 Crane telescopes during the shot, offering you the ability to film sequences that you can not do with any fixed length crane.  With a 30 foot reach you can place the camera anywhere in a 60 foot radius without moving the dolly. It features a highly modified Z-Head, which works with any film or video camera in either 2- or 3-axis mode. With the crane raised to its highest position and the arm tilted up, you can reach a maximum lens height of 30 feet in less than half the space of any conventional crane.  You have the option of operating the camera by the use of a handwheel, joystick or panbar.

Max. Lens Height 30ft. 9.2m
Max. Telecopic Range 22ft. 6.9m
Max. Length Crane 39.1ft. 11.59m
Min. Length Crane 16.7 5.05mm
Max. Speed 9.1ft./sec 2.8m/sec.
Min. Speed 3.3ft./h 1m/h
Max. Camera Weight (with Z Head) 80lbs 35kg
Total Weight 2645lbs 1200kg
Max Power Requirment 16amps 16Amp.