This is the lighter version of the standard Techno Cranes, but with its maximum length of over 6 meters and 80 kg it is one of the most used cranes in small or medium television-sets for the moment. The compact design allows you to work in sets that are too small or complicated for “fixed” crane-arms, with all the advantages of a telescopic crane considering lighting and obstacles. Because the crane arm is around 80 kg you can easily come at difficult locations. Techno 20 comes with 1 crane operator.

Max. Lens Height 22ft. 6.6m
Max. Telecopic Range 15,5ft. 4,7m
Max. Length Crane 27,1ft. 8,26m
Min. Length Crane 11,7ft. 3,55m
Max. Camera Weight 26,5lbs 12kg
Total Weight 802lbs 364kg
Max Power Requirment 16 amps