The DactylCam Pro

The Dactylcam Pro is designed for broadcast, live events , tv-drama and feature film productions needing higher capacity payloads, but handels like a lightweight system.

The DactylCam Pro is a 48volt system with a higher torque solution for heavier payloads up to 45kg as wel as powering higher voltage heads. Utilizing dual 48volt batteries, The Bullit Line Pro can power the drive unit and head for up to 6+ hours as well as provide 14volt outputs to accessories.

We can choose a hybrid build allowing optional 24volt or 48volt drive system, which provides the ultimate flexibility on power, torque and overall weight of the system.


  • increased motor and controller voltage for greater torque and power allows payloads up to 45 kg and 48 km per hour
  • extended camera swing arms for battery and accessory attachment
  • 48volt high performance batteries can simultaneously run the DactylCam and stabilized heads up to 6 hours
  • custom drive unit programming for greater tuning for preferred performance
  • Incline up too 12 degrees, depending on the payload weight
  • braking or holding is allowed anywhere in the line via pushbutton on the joystick
  • customized rubber drive wheels for increased tension for heavier payloads
  • hybrid options available to run The DactylCam at 48 volt or 24volt to allow users the greatist flexibility, performance and weight options
  • speed reduction and braking is activated when slowing or attempting to stop and faster speeds and heavier payloads
  • standard mitchell mount supllied with quick release pins for easy set up and mounting
  • 14volt output option via Dtap to power accessories as well as voltage conversion options for 24,32,48 volt output for other accessories


The joystick offers a multi function display with telemetry feedback including:

  • wireless transmission
  • battery level
  • control modes
  • traction control
  • endpoint status
  • acceleration status
  • overall top speed
  • location on line