Steel Track Egripment’s steel track is designed to support all types of loading in the safest possible way whilst ensuring the necessary stability at all times. Standard tubing is being milled of by us twice and surface treated on the out- and in-side of the tubing. The crossbars are not manufactured from standard material but custom built to our high specification. We use more crossbars per section assuring better stability at all times. The crossbars are bolted to the tubing which makes it possible to “scissor” the track for transport reasons. Egripment standard steel track is 62 cm/3’4″ wide and available in many different sections from 1,20 mtr/4 ft up to 3 mtr/10 ft straight and 2,50 mtr/8 ft curved. The wide base track of 81cm/2’8″ cm wide is available in straight sections of 1,20 mtr/4 ft up to 3 mtr/10 ft. Egripment also offers accessories such as Trackstoppers and StarterTrack.