Tulip Crane

The VIP/Tulip Crane is the Academy Award winning crane from Egripment. It has been designed to achieve perfect stability and smoothness when operating the arm. Precisely balanced at all times independent of weight loads. The VIP/Tulip Crane system is at home on rough terrains, studio floors or track. The Tulip/Vip Crane arm is constructed from lightweight aerospace alloys and easily folds down to a readily transportable length. The ‘modular’ system is assembled in less then 20 minutes and offers you a wide range of 2 ridable and 4 remote versions of cranes. At this time, there are more than 400 VIP/Tulip cranes in use all over the world where national and international government safety inspections (such as TUV) have tested and inspected the crane and approved it.

Type: platform
Arm reach: 440 cm
Operational length  : 675 cm
Maximum height: 473 cm
Minimum height: -134 cm
Maximum load: 170 kg


Type: classic dolly
Width: 98 cm
Length  : 135 cm
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 123 kg
Type of wheels: hardrubber – track – pneumatic