Universal Dolly

Based on the proven features of the StarTrack Dolly (foldable), Matador Dolly, (Sliding push pull bar), Dinky Dolly, (4 wheel steering on both sides) and Focus Dolly (ultra-portable) the new “Universal” Dolly combines all the best features of all Egripment Platform dollies. The “Universal” Dolly utilizes a completely new method of steering, it folds into a small and lightweight package that weighs only 16.8 kg / 37 lbs., it carries a very good payload of 200 kg / 440 lbs., offers a solid camera platform, and it offers steering from the back or the front side, both 2 wheel steering and also 4 wheel steering when very tight turns are required. The minimum turn radius is only 85 cm/34 inches.

Type: platform
Maximum load: 200 kg
Width: 75 cm
Length  : 115 cm
Height: cm
Weight: 16.8 kg
Type of wheels: hardrubber – track – pneumatic