The Xtreme T12 is the telescoping crane that the Film and TV production world has been waiting for.The Xtreme T12 is manufactured from Carbon Fibre composite material, using aviation grade aluminium structure where appropiate. The telescoping arm includes features like, Built-in monitor, Digital precision motors, Ergonomic Operator’s controls , Operating Handle Bar all around, Electronic connections for all Film and TV camera’s, etc. The Xtreme T12 arm telescopes from 2,8 mtr/9,20 ft to 10,10 mtr/33,15 ft (arm reach). The Xtreme T12 dolly is equipped with a digital adjustable column that offers a convenient low position to set the crane up and a nice high position to operate the crane. The complete Xtreme T 12 weighs no more then an average non telescoping remote crane.

Arm reach 2,80 – 10,30 m 9.1 – 33.8 ft
Operational length 13,2 m 43.3 ft
Telescopic range 7,50 m 24.6 ft
Length backside 2,7 m 8.85 ft
Maximum height + 10 m + 32.8 ft
Minimum height – 6 m – 19.68 ft
Maximum load 60 kg 132 lbs
Maximum speed 1,6 mtr/sec 5.25 ft/sec
Weight of arm: 650 kg 1,433 lbs
Total counterweight 564 kg 1,243 lbs
Fine adjustment weight 8 kg 17.6 lbs
Voltage 80 /220 Volt16 Amp.
Working temperature -20 till +50 Celsius -4 till 122 Fahrenheit
End stops security 2 electronically
1 mechanically
Type of transmission belts


One take Videoclip: http://youtu.be/gCmap0x6QF0