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Encoding Solutions for Augmented & Virtual Reality

With the increasing demand for Virtual Studios as well as use for Augmented Reality, Egripment offers now a High Quality Encoding Rental Packages to be used with Egripment Cranes, Remote Heads, Telescopic Columns and Camera Tracking Dollies. Based on our existing Camera Support Equipment, we now offer a fully encoded system with high precision encoders, as well as optional encoders for use on our telescopic columns, crane dollies on track and other add-ons to our main products. In combination with a superior tracking interface, Egripment delivers the answers for nowadays market’s demands. The tracking interface provides information obtained from all measured axes via a simple interface. The position of each axis is thus completely and reliably received by the graphics software or some other application software. The position data is sent via an Ethernet network. Thus, multiple interfaced electronics can be operated on one network. The tracking data can be easily integrated with the graphics software of leading manufacturers of virtual studio systems and graphics systems. The camera data mode, delivering superior tracking data, where the camera parameters (e.g. FoV, XYZ, PTR) are calculated at the interface electronics itself. The absolute position measurement saves you from the need for homing or further calibrations. In addition to „live-streaming” of the Tracking Data to VR-Rendering machines the Tracking Data that are synchronized with an external time code can be recorded with an external device to a file for later use in animation software such as Autodesk® Maya® or MotionBuilder®. Our Encoded Products available in Rentals: Fixed Crane Arms

  • TDT Encoded fixed Crane 3 mtr
  • TDT Encoded fixed Crane 4,5 mtr
  • TDT Encoded fixed Crane 6 mtr
  • TDT Encoded fixed Crane 7,5 mtr
  • TDT Encoded fixed Crane 9 mtr

Telescopic Crane arm

  • Encoded Telescopic Crane 15 mtr (50 ft)
  • Egripment T10 “ New” Encoded Telescopic Crane 7,5 mtr (24,5 ft)

Vertical Columns – “2 in 1”  (standing or hanging)

  • Starcam Encoded Column Telescopic 5,5 mtr
  • Starcam “Mini” Encoded Column Telescopic 2,1 mtr

Remote Camera Tracking System

  • G-Track + Starcam “Mini” (or without) electric dolly track cam encoded

Remote Heads

  • 306 Encoded Remote Head
  • 205 Encoded Remote Head

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